Wonders of the Great Walk

The best of the Fraser Island Great Walk is an adventure of a lifetime.

As walkers discover rarely explored paths of world-famous Fraser Island, a renowned UNESCO Heritage Site. Walkers will experience unimaginable beauty of diverse landscapes, from the coastal bushland, through the heart of the rainforest,  to pristine, white sand freshwater lakes. 

Visit the famous, awe-inspiring beauty of Lake McKenzie, walk through ancient towering giant trees in the Valley of the Giants, witness the magnificent giant king ferns and meandering fresh-water creeks in Pile Valley. By walking you can gain truly rich experience, seeing the best natural wonders in a peaceful and calm environment. 

Our ideals

Hiking Philosophy

Our team has created a unique luxury hiking product run by a team of knowledgable, professionals who have years of experience in walking/ hiking, eco-tourism, luxury accommodation and environmental awareness. 

Our product is one of a kind, which is not offered elsewhere on Fraser Island. 

Environmentally Sustainable

Our team is committed to preserving the environment and reducing our ecological footprint. We proudly hold an Eco Certification from Eco Tourism Australia, one of our first priorities when setting up this experience. 

Creating a sustainable walking experience, while minimising the impact on the Island environment and its precious ecosystems is our high priority. 


Amazing hike - by Dave.K

From the start the Fraser Island Great Walk company had everything completely organised. My car was locked away in their secure parking area, we met up with the other lucky hikers, and the guides. The 4WD was loaded up and off to the barge for the trip to Fraser Island.

We unpacked at Waiuta Retreat, the comfortable house we called home for our tour, and we’re out for our first hike.

The next few days had us escorted to various amazing hiking trails all over the island, away from the crowds, and with Nigel the guide and super-chef preparing superb lunches, we were able to take in the best of Fraser Island’s natural wonders.

The breakfasts at the house were huge and tasty, and really set us up for a day’s hiking and exploring, and the evening meals had us oohing and aahing at their creativity. And tasty beers and wines too!

Jane and Ash are perfect hosts/guides and Nigel is an amazing chef and guide, we all had a ball exploring the beauty of Fraser Island, and I’d take one of their hiking adventures again in a heartbeat.